Integrated biometrics claims the success of the deployment of the Uruguayan payment service


Fingerprint scanners from Integrated Biometrics have the effect of improving both the security and convenience of payments over a previous process in which store cashiers were required to perform identity verification for each customer, according to a new case study.

IB’s Uruguayan partner, CommandLine, began providing the biometric solution to Redpagos for secure payments at more than 450 locations across the country last August. These locations process over 7 million transactions from over 1 million people on average per month.

A new case study from Integrated Biometrics on Early Deployment Responses explains that the financial services provider wanted a scanner that was FBI-certified and provided high-speed responses, among other requirements. Thanks to CommandLine, Redpagos selected IB’s Light-Emitting Sensor (LES) technology for the upgrade, and the biometrics vendor emphasizes the scanner’s small size and durability as other important features for success of the project.

Customers use the Columbo Desktop FAP 30 scanners found at each Redpagos location to verify their identity against the national civil registry database of the Dirección Nacional de Identificación Civil (DNIC).

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