Integrated Biometrics Plans Integration of Contactless Fingerprint Enhancements


Sciometrics, a strategic partner of Integrated Biometrics, has filed for patents on technology to improve image quality for contactless fingerprint biometrics captured on mobile devices.

The companies plan to integrate the new technology into IB’s Slapshot Touchless SDK product.

Patent applications have been filed with both the US Patent and Trademark Office and the European Patent Office, one for improving contactless fingerprints by reducing error rates to less than 2% to meet FBI PIV requirements, “smart” focus and enhanced image. rendered to capture level 3 features like pores and ridge shapes. The methods described by that patent result in non-contact fingerprints with a strong resemblance to contact prints, according to the advertisement. A second patent filing describes the concept of “archived identity”, with the fingerprint serving as a transaction record.

“Our partnership with Sciometrics extends IB’s reach as a global leader in mobile fingerprint scanning devices in the evolving field of high-resolution, high-quality contactless identity,” comments Shawn O’Rourke, CEO of Integrated Biometrics. “IB and Sciometrics will jointly help our customers define the standards for contactless platforms providing interoperability with existing databases created with traditional scanners. “

“We have taken a big step forward in bridging the gap between contact and contactless fingerprints,” says Mark Walch, CEO of Sciometrics. “The advanced technology contained in the new patent filings will both improve the quality of contactless fingerprinting and open up new opportunities for using fingerprints to consolidate identity and transactions. Contactless fingerprints are already a game-changer and the new IP address creates a whole new game. ”

Integration Biometrics and Sciometrics announced their strategic alliance to develop the contactless fingerprint for smartphones in July.

IB fingerprint scanners deployed for London Police, Kentucky DMV

The company is also supporting the City of London police counterterrorism initiative Project Servator with its portable fingerprint biometric scanners, according to a post on LinkedIn.

As part of Project Servator, highly visible police deployments will show up unannounced to patrol a variety of locations, but unrelated to specific threat intelligence. These deployments will use a range of resources, some of which will be highly visible and others, including automated license plate recognition and CCTV devices, may be less visible.

IB revealed in a Tweeter that the Idemia IdentoGO tablets recently deployed by the Kentucky DMV feature IB’s Five-O biometric fingerprint scanner. Tablets are used to extend the identity issuance functions of the DMV outside of physical locations.

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