Invixium supplies FHH with biometric scanners for digital transformation


Fine Hygienic Holding (FHH) has partnered with Invixium to complete its digital transformation. The partnership specifically concerns Invixium’s IXM TITAN devices and IXM WEB management software, which have been installed at FHH facilities across the Middle East.

The IXM TITAN is a biometric scanner with facial recognition capabilities intended for access control applications. Data collected through devices is managed with IXM WEB, a biometric access management solution that offers web and cloud utility.

The challenge, according to the two companies, was to integrate IXM WEB into FHH’s own ORACLE Fusion human resource management systems. The IXM TITAN generates a verifiable record of the whereabouts of employees, but FHH needed to have access to this time tracking data in Oracle Fusion to manage payroll and attendance. They eventually managed to overcome those hurdles, and FHH boasts that it has now completed three pay periods with IXM technology.

FHH is a wellness group specializing in the manufacture of toilet paper products.

“We were able to implement a 100% accurate system on employee records for time and attendance and then integrated it into the Oracle platform,” said FHH IT director Yahyah Pandor. “This leaves little room for fraud and provides FHH with a basis for the future of all HR related systems and processes. “

“Our products are designed to be highly customizable, so we want our customers to have the freedom to build their system according to their business needs,” added Shiraz Kapadia, President and CEO of Invixium. “Our engineers have worked tirelessly with FHH and ORACLE to make this digital transformation a reality, and the results have been incredibly positive. “

Invixium recently marketed its IXM TITAN products to companies looking to adopt contactless authentication solutions in response to COVID-19. The Toronto-based company also announced that it will strengthen its presence in the United States with a new headquarters in Connecticut.

June 24, 2020 – by Eric Weiss


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