Iris ID Eyes Airport applications for new multimodal biometric scanners


Iris ID launched two new multimodal biometric offers for the travel sector during the Intersec Dubai trade show in the United Arab Emirates. Called iCAM D2000 and IrisBar, the two offerings enable fast, high-volume throughput.

The latest addition to Iris ID’s iCAM product line combines iris recognition and facial recognition, along with automatic mask detection and an optional thermal sensor add-on. The biometric terminal is designed with an emphasis on ease of use, automatically adjusting to the height of the user (between 1.2 and 2.1 meters) and featuring a customizable touch interface. Integrated light bars help ensure the user’s face is clearly defined.

“We call the iCAM D2000 the ‘Lighthouse’ for its ability to help people navigate through airport checkpoints while providing fast, flexible and accurate high quality images for registration and identification for travel and access solutions,” said Iris ID Global Sales and Business Development. Vice President Mohammed Murad in a statement. “In addition, the iCAM D2000 integrates seamlessly with other identity authentication systems to strengthen the bridge between legacy and future solutions.”

While the iCAM D2000 can be installed in a variety of settings, such as speed lanes, desks, etc., the IrisBar is a slimline biometric reader designed specifically for kiosk mounting. It shares a number of the same features as the iCAM D2000, including multimodal support for iris and face biometrics. It also shares the D2000’s focus on user experience, with infrared LCD illumination, an LCD display and speaker system to guide the user through the scanning process.

“The IrisBar’s multi-biometric module, compact size and advanced features make it the first choice for kiosks requiring identity authentication in aviation and transportation environments,” explained Murad.

The new solutions and their focus on air travel applications help illustrate the broad applicability of Iris ID’s biometric technology. Last month, the company announced that Tracy Inc., a Michigan-based provider of work management solutions, had integrated Iris ID technology into its line of time and attendance solutions for business and education. superior.

January 17, 2022 – by Alex Perala


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