Iris ID launches two biometric scanners for travel hubs at Intersec 2022


Iris ID has announced two new additions to its line of biometric identity authentication readers that combine iris and facial recognition to speed up travel through airports and border crossings at Intersec 2022.

The company presents the iCAM D2000 and IrisBar (OU60B) at the security show in Dubai. Both products are compact, contactless readers that merge iris biometrics and facial identification technology for use in travel hubs like airports and border crossings.

Mohammed Murad, Vice President, Global Sales and Business Development for Iris ID, comments, “Installations using the iCAM D2000 and IrisBar can say goodbye to long queues due to slow and repetitive identification processes.

The iCAM D2000 is supposed to provide self-service identity checks and flexibility for installation on electronic gates, kiosks and desktops. Iris ID says the iCAM D2000 has automatic face mask detection and an add-on thermal sensor option that can grant or deny access based on a preset temperature range, a biometric feature that won in popularity since the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We call the iCAM D2000 the ‘flagship’ for its ability to help people navigate through airport checkpoints while providing fast, flexible and accurate high quality images for registration and identification for travel and access solutions,” explains Murad.

The IrisBar has also been advertised as a multimodal reader that can be mounted easily on kiosks and comes with features like an LCD display and a speaker that guides people through the identification process with visual and audio prompts. The IrisBar can capture biometric data up to 750 millimeters away.

“The IrisBar’s multi-biometric module, compact size and advanced features make it the first choice for kiosks requiring identity authentication in aviation and transportation environments,” adds Murad.

In August 2021, Iris ID formed a business alliance with digital systems integrator Sistemas Integrales de Automatización (SIASA) for distribution deals across Latin America. The iris recognition company also partnered with Aware to expand biometric capabilities for law enforcement in the United States in June.

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