IriTech Provides Iris Scanners For Sri Lanka Identification Program After Obtaining MOSIP Approval


IriTech’s IriSentinel Handheld Iris Recognition Scanner has officially become the first iris authentication device to comply with the Modular Open Identity Platform (MOSIP) SBI 2.0 (L1) specification. MOSIP is an open source software standard that was established to help governments looking to introduce their own national identifiers.

Now that the IriSentinel is MOSIP compliant, governments can use the device to verify the identity of citizens registered in such a program. The IriSentinel is able to authenticate registered users with iris biometrics. It can also be associated with IriTech’s IriShield device, capable of performing iris capture. The IriShield complies with the MOSIP SBI 1.0 (L1) specification, making IriTech the first company to offer both enrollment (SBI 1.0) and authentication (SBI 2.0) iris scanners built to the MOSIP standard.

According to IriTech, MOSIP technology will help boost financial inclusion and make it easier for more people to participate in the digital economy. The IriShield enrollment device is already being used to register citizens in the PhilSys national identification program in the Philippines, while the new certified IriSentinel has been selected for a unique digital identity pilot project in Sri Lanka. The IriSentinel has an integrated IT system and uses NXP’s hardware security technology to protect the biometric information of people using the solution.

MOSIP projects have been launched in Guinea, Ethiopia and Morocco, in addition to Sri Lanka and the Philippines. The Guinean project is carried out with technology from TECH5, which was the first supplier to offer support for the MOSIP platform in 2019.

The MOSIP standard itself was inspired by India’s Aadhaar National Identification Program. The IriShield was previously used to enroll people in the Aadhaar system, which now has over a billion people registered. IriTech has also pushed its IriKey digital wallet for those looking to engage in risky financial transactions.

September 1, 2021 – by Eric Weiss


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