ITC Investigates (337-TA-1285) Certain Barcode Scanners


On October 29, 2021, the ITC issued an investigation notice in Certain barcode scanners, portable computers with barcode reading capabilities, scanners and components thereof (Inv. N ° 337-TA-1285).

For your information, this investigation is based on a September 29, 2021 complaint filed by Honeywell International Inc. of Charlotte, North Carolina; Hand Held Products, Inc. of Charlotte, North Carolina; and Metrologic Instruments, Inc. of Charlotte, North Carolina (collectively, the “Complainants”) alleging a violation of Section 337 by the respondents Zebra Technologies Corporation of Lincolnshire, Illinois and Symbol Technologies, Inc. of Holtsville, New York ( collectively, the “Respondents”) in the illegal importation and / or sale in the United States of certain barcode scanners, mobile computers with barcode scanning capabilities, scanning engines and their components by reason of the infringement of certain claims of US Patent No. 7,568,628 (“the 628 Patent”); 7,770,799 (“the 799 patent”); 8,794,520 (“the ‘520 patent”); 9,576,169 (“the 169 patent”); and 10,721,429 (“the 429 patent”).

According to the complaint, the ‘628 patent generally relates to an image reader based on a complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS), for example, barcode reader, to collect image data using global shutter technology and process image data to decode barcode symbols in image data; the ‘799 patent relates generally to a bar code reading and processing device for bar code symbols (for example, barcode scanners) which include in a portable housing a color image sensor which can be used to obtain color images such as photographs, and a monochrome image sensor which can be used to obtain images. monochrome images of decodable symbols such as bar codes which can be decoded by the device; the ‘520 patent is generally concerned with determining the location of a decodable index in an image and selectively using the information from that location to adjust imaging parameters for subsequent images; the ‘169 patent is generally directed to an image reader with an image sensor that operates in a global shutter mode to capture and use image data to decode clues, such as bar codes, and to identify textures in images. image data, such as handwriting or print characters, that can be extracted; and the ‘429 patent relates generally to a complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) based image reader, for example, a barcode reader, for collecting image data using global shutter technology, and for identifying and decoding barcode symbols in image data. The accused products are the respondents’ barcode reading engines and scanners (such as portable and stationary scanners), mobile computers with barcode reading capabilities (such as handhelds, tablets and laptops) and their components (such as circuit boards) with barcode reading capabilities). The Complainants request that the Commission issue Limited Exclusion Orders and Standing Cease and Desist Orders for the Respondents. According to the notice of investigation, the Bureau of Unfair Import Investigation will not participate as a party to the investigation. Finally, ALJ Chief Charles E. Bullock issued a notice stating that ALJ Monica Bhattacharyya will chair the investigation.


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