Jamaica chooses Thales to upgrade its voter ID system with biometrics


Thales has been contracted to modernize Jamaica’s electronic voter identification system, strengthening voter identification and authentication through fingerprint biometrics, reports the Jamaica Observer.

The diversified French manufacturer provides portable mobile voter authentication terminals and fingerprint biometrics software. The Electronic Voter Identification System (EVIS) is also designed to allow maintenance of audit logs and generation of statistical data, according to the Observer. Thales will support the training of personnel in the management of the system.

Glasspole Brown, director of elections at the Jamaica Electoral Commission, said the new system will “maintain the integrity of the electoral system”. Brown says voter impersonation and individuals voting illegally multiple times were common in the legacy system that Thales is replacing.

Delivery of the portable fingerprint devices is expected in September, followed by a trial.

For the first quarter of 2022, ending in April, Thales recorded gains in volume of sales and orders. The company announced that it had deployed its technology in 15 different electoral systems around the world last October.

In March, the Electoral Commission denied allegations that it was involved in improper biometric data sharing practices. The government said it does not sell or grant third parties access to its biometric database.

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