Kathleen Hanna and Tom Morello sign open letter protesting Amazon palm scanners


Kathleen Hanna and Tom Morello are among many musicians protesting against new Amazon palm scanners in concert halls.

The technology, recently implemented “as a form of ‘convenient’ ticketless entry” to a number of US locations, including the famous Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado, is “an example of biometric data collection and could transform Red Rocks on ICE site. raids, police violence and false arrests, ”the letter reads.

On a new website called Amazon Doesn’t Rock, people like DIIV, Deerhoof, Jeff Rosenstock and others are also signing their names on a letter protesting the technology they say “makes music fans less secure.” .

“As human rights groups, artists and music fans, we call on Red Rocks Amphitheater, AXS and AEG Worldwide to immediately cancel all contracts with Amazon for Amazon’s invasive palm scanning technology. One, and to prohibit all biometric surveillance during events and places. once and for all, ”the letter says.

Tom Morello (Photo: Press)

“The introduction of palm scanning devices is a slap in the face for the fans and performers who have fought so hard to promote the safety of all at live events. It’s only a matter of time before we hear of cases of palm scans identifying people in the same way facial recognition does – often with violent and upsetting consequences – but most concerning. is the fact that this new technology will make the data of thousands of people. people vulnerable to ongoing government tracking and abuse AND malicious hackers. “

“Palm scans and other forms of biometric data collection, like facial recognition, are tools of state violence,” Siena Mann of the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition added in a press release. “Once the databases are created, the police and DHS will find ways to access them. “

Read the open letter in full here.

Elsewhere, Tom Morello this week (November 17) announced details of a new album. “The Atlas Underground Flood” will be released next month and feature collaborations with IDLES, Manchester Orchestra and more.

Last month’s “sister” record to “The Atlas Underground Fire” (itself a sequel to 2018’s “The Atlas Underground”) will be released on December 3 via Mom + Pop.


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