LA will use new fingerprint and palm print scanners


Biometrics4ALL was selected by the Los Angeles County Regional Identification System (LACRIS) to provide the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (LASD) with “live scan” portable biometric reservation units.

Biometrics4ALL’s “LiveScan” booking solution includes 30 fingerprint and palm scanners that will be used for various criminal booking applications and for data submission to the Los Angeles County Fingerprint Identification System or LAFIS, as well as data transfers to the California Department of Justice (Cal-DOJ)and the FBI.

The contract was awarded to Biometrics4ALL after presenting an in-depth demonstration to the LASD evaluation team and following a week-long rigorous analysis with Los Angeles County. The evaluation found that Biometric4ALL’s software had one of the smoothest booking workflows, which would benefit the county’s regional ID system upon implementation.

The software also has several other features such as an intuitive user interface, “face search” ID photo capture, and fast data capture capabilities. The software is backed by equally impressive hardware such as the device’s portable casing, fingerprint and palm print scanner, camera, electronic signature pad, magnetic stripe reader, 2D barcode template for driving license and military device. class batteries that have a lifespan of eight hours.

Biometrics4ALL has been offered a three-year contract to supply LASD with its “LiveScan” portable booking solutions. The company is a leading developer of biometrics-based technologies for the public and private sectors. The company first introduced its LiveScan solutions for law enforcement background checks six years ago.

Will the majority of law enforcement agencies in the United States be using “live” biometrics-based criminal booking systems by the end of the decade?

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