Lockly biometric smart door lock can be controlled via mobile app


A new smart doorbell and door lock has hit the market in Australia. The aptly named Doorbell Camera Smart Lock is courtesy of Lockly and is designed to help people integrate the front door into the rest of their home or smart building setup.

Like other smart locks, the Lockly offering eliminates the need for physical keys, which can easily be lost or misplaced. The lock itself can be opened with a PIN code or a biometric fingerprint scan. The keypad is designed to thwart passers-by trying to peek, and the lock reads registered fingerprints with the built-in 3D fingerprint scanner.

Homeowners can also control the lock with a mobile app on their phone. The app allows them to lock and unlock the door remotely, or set PIN codes that customers can use to access the premises. The app can communicate with the lock as long as there is an internet connection, although the lock has an offline mode that allows users to access the lock configuration as long as they have the correct code. The feature ensures that the lock will always work in areas that do not have an internet connection.

Assuming Wi-Fi is working, the Doorbell Camera Smart Lock has a plug-and-play hub feature that makes it easy to find and establish a network connection. It is compatible with other smart home systems, which means that owners can use a virtual assistant to lock or unlock their door without using their hands when they are at home.

Finally, the Lockly lock comes with an HD video camera that allows people to monitor their front door in real time. Owners can see the camera feed on their smartphone.

Of course, the Doorbell Camera Smart Lock is not the only smart lock on the market today. For example, Kami, Swann, and Tuya have all released smart doorbells with facial recognition capabilities. However, Amazon has come under fire for sharing footage of its own Ring smart doorbell platform with law enforcement.

Source: Digital Journal


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