London Southend Airport Announces Two New X-Ray Scanners and ‘Outstanding’ Quality Assurance


London Southend Airport (SEN) has installed two of Smiths Detection’s new Hi-Scan 10080 XCT x-ray scanners.

The new machines can produce high resolution 3D images. Each machine can process up to 1,800 bags per hour. Once placed on the conveyor at check-in, passenger baggage travels 300 m of conveyors and passes security checks before being placed on the plane. Robson was hired to supply the conveyor system, and local companies completed the installation. The announcement comes alongside the airport’s new test lane within security, which allows passengers to leave liquids and laptops in bags carried on their flight.

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Glyn Jones, CEO of London Southend Airport, said: “The new checked baggage system will ensure efficient handling of passenger baggage on flights while maximizing security with new ray screening technology. X.

Richard Thompson, Global Director of Aviation at Smiths Detection, added, “These detection systems will provide operational efficiencies and improvements to the behind-the-scenes passenger experience, which will be invaluable as both transport aviation will resume and many years into the future.

The airport has released images of the new hold baggage system which you can find here.

Following this installation, SEN obtained “Exceptional” status following its recent audit of the quality assurance framework by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). The quality assurance framework is based on supporting instructors and training providers to achieve and maintain a good quality training base and conduct their own internal quality assurance. The framework is mandatory for training providers registered with the CAA and consists of two stages: a self-assessment stage and an external assurance visit.

Jones added: “We are delighted with the result, getting an ‘outstanding’ result is almost unheard of, and we applaud the hard work of the team. From the airport’s training strategy to document control and facilities, every area has achieved exceptional status. “


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