Mantra Softech joins NIST facial recognition testing for verification and identification


Mantra Softech first participated in the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 1: 1 and 1: N Facial Recognition Tests (FRVT) for biometric accuracy.

In the November 22 update of the FRVT 1: 1, which rates the accuracy of biometric systems in matching faces to individual images, Mantra had the 57th lowest false mismatch rate (FNMR) in the VISA Photos category.

In the FRVT 1: N, which assesses the accuracy of biometric algorithms in matching faces to large databases, Mantra Softech’s best result was 29th for match between photos and webcam images in survey mode, with a rate of d false negative identification (FNIR) of 0.010.

Mantra Softech specializes in facial recognition for access management, public security and border control.

“Mantra Softech has a long history of supporting the responsible and ethical use and development of biometric technology,” comments Hiren Bhandari, CTO of Mantra Softech, according to AFN News.

According to the executive, the test results demonstrate the company’s competence in AI-based facial recognition research as well as the sophistication of its technology.

“We strive to be innovative by regularly introducing new biometric technologies. We are proud to be one of the few companies capable of developing biometric hardware and software, ”concludes Bhandari.

The announcement of FRVT’s results comes weeks after Mantra Softech announced it would deploy nearly 25,000 of its mTerminal100 biometric devices at various companies in Uttar Pradesh.

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