MEMS scanners target augmented reality glasses


OQmented The single-chip MEMS mirror laser beam scanning (LBS) solution targets lightweight Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) smart glasses. The chip is hidden in the frame of the glasses and uses the lens as a presentation platform for the user to see.

One aspect of the system is a hermetically sealed MEMS mirror system (Fig.1). This is integrated with logic which improves performance and reduces power requirements.

1. This short video shows OQmented’s collection of MEMS mirror systems.

The protective vacuum environment is constructed using OQmented’s Bubble MEMS technology which has a hemispherical cover. A flat glass solution would actually require more area for a comparable field of view (FOV).

“We set out to break down the barriers that forced smart eyewear developers to sacrifice lightness and sleekness for powerful viewing capabilities. Today, building on decades of research, we are proud to offer a one-of-a-kind LBS projection screen,” said Ulrich Hofmann, co-CEO and CTO of OQmented. “With its technical and economic advantages, our solution gives new impetus to the imagination of product design for Big Tech companies. We are excited to support these innovators with technology that will help them create bold new product categories. »


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