Mining Behavior Identification Features for Monitoring and Managing Speech-Dependent Smart Health Systems for Mental Illnesses


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Intel Neurosci computing. May 6, 2022;2022:8579640. doi: 10.1155/2022/8579640. eCollection 2022.


Speech is one of the main communication tools for sharing information between people. This exchange method has a complicated construction consisting not of the best transmission of the voice but further consisting of the transmission of unique information to several speakers. The most important goal of this research is to extract individual characteristics through the speech-dependent health monitoring and management system; through this system, voice data can be collected from a remote location and can be viewed. The experimental analysis shows that the proposed model has a good efficiency. Therefore, in the past 5 years, many researchers in this field have explored various aspects of speech, including speech analysis using mechanical signs, interaction with the human system, the speaker and speech identification. Speech is a biometric that combines physiological and behavioral characteristics. Particularly beneficial for remote attack transactions on telecom networks, each person’s medical information is quite a challenge, for example, such as COVID-19 where the medical team must identify each person in a particular region, how many people have been affected by a disease and taken prompt action to protect themselves from these diseases and what safety measures are required. Currently, this task is the most difficult for researchers. Therefore, speech-based mechanisms could be useful for tracking the quality of her voice or whether her throat is affected. By collecting the database of matched people and comparing it with its original database, it can be identified in such scenarios. This provides the best touchless management system and maintains a safe distance from data that can be collected and processed for further medical treatment. Many research studies have been done, but the speech-dependent approach is much less and requires more work to provide such an intelligent system in society, and it may be possible to reduce the chances of coming into contact with people affected by the virus in the future and to protect the society for the same.

PMID:35535193 | PMC: PMC9077453 | DOI: 10.1155/2022/8579640


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