Netflix will stop password sharing with a new biometrics feature


Netflix is ​​currently working on a number of features to attract more users by next year. Some of these features are useful for some users, while others may bother some. The streaming platform is now fighting against password sharing, a feature it encouraged a few years ago.

To help its fight against sharing passwords with friends and family members, the platform will require a biometric scan to confirm account ownership. This will serve as a validation process to help the platform identify its real users and the devices they are streaming with. Other users who may have access to a subscriber’s password will not be able to stream movies on the user’s account.

This feature, once available, will be a great security tool for users and a means of identification for Netflix. Biometric identification methods such as fingerprint scanning and facial recognition will be integrated into the streaming service provider’s platforms. But there is still room for users who decide to share a streaming account.

Netflix is ​​now preparing to demand payment from those who want to stream with others by next year. This offer will come as a full-fledged subscription plan, allowing a user to add friends and family on their own. Those under the account will be able to stream with the plan and the master account will be billed monthly.

Although the price set for this new subscription plan is still not available, the plan will require all users under said account to have a Netflix account. For now, the fight against password sharing continues and the platform is rolling out more affordable subscription offers for its users.


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