New Apple patent suggests iPhones could get feature lasers adding more biometric capabilities – Technology News, Firstpost


According to a recent patent filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Apple is planning and working on adding a line of tiny lasers to upcoming iPhones and Apple watcheswhich could have big implications for smartphone development and overall security.

According to patent which was filed by Apple, the tech giant works with Horizontal Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers, or HCSELs. The technology would essentially allow an array of HCSELs to be placed under the screen to monitor biometrics and other environmental factors. There are many other applications for HCSELs, and the ability for developers to explore the technology could lead to a wave of new features on your iPhone and Apple Watch.

These kinds of world input and reading options give developers even more tools to work with. Regardless of what Apple has in mind for the use of HCSEL lasers, the new line of lasers will allow developers to come up with some really cool stuff.

Apple’s patent suggests its primary purpose is to add enhanced security features. This basically means that there is a very strong possibility that we could see TouchID being brought back to Apple devices in a much better way. The lasers could allow Apple to offer its own system of in-screen fingerprint scanners, which would be much more reliable and secure.

The patent also claims that the new array of lasers could be used to monitor air quality. As a company based in California, where wildfires are a growing public health concern, Apple is no stranger to how air quality can affect your well-being. The ability to glance at your Apple Watch and get up-to-date air quality data specific to your exact location (as opposed to generalized numbers from a third-party database) could be a essential functionality of smart watches in the future. the western United States is struggling with inhospitable weather conditions.

Apple’s patent could, in theory, let its products alert you when the air you’re breathing is unhealthy and recommend that you do your workout indoors. As air quality is a growing concern for scientists and citizens, this feature is sure to see heavy use.


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