NEXT Biometrics Gains Ground in Aadhaar Market with Latest Sensor Order


NEXT BiometricsEfforts to target the Indian market continue to bear fruit, with the company announcing that MobiOcean, a New Delhi-based payment technology company, has placed another order for NEXT’s fingerprint sensors. The order is valued at NOK 1 million.

MobiOcean had already ordered NEXT sensors in 2019, with the aim of integrating them into a point of sale solution compatible with Aadhaar, India’s national biometric identification program. The point of sale solution in this case was designed to use a consumer’s Aadhaar number and associated fingerprint data to authorize transactions.

Announcing MobiOcean’s latest order, NEXT Biometrics indicated that it too would see NEXT sensors integrated into point of sale terminals, in this case “for financial inclusion projects of one of the largest cooperative banks. State in India ”. The company also called the order “an additional design concept… similar to the order announced with Pagaria on February 10, 2021”. This order was for point-of-sale terminal integrations as well, with NEXT indicating at the time that the devices were for a fast-growing Indian payment bank.

These two recent orders bear witness to the acceleration of NEXT’s activities in India, where the rise of Aadhaar has opened up new market opportunities for suppliers of biometric products. Pagaria’s order in particular is revealing, as it saw the customer dramatically increase the number of sensors to purchase from an initial order set out in a letter of intent announced in January.

As for the new MobiOcean order, NEXT Biometrics plans to ship its sensors in the second quarter of 2021. The company “also expects additional follow-up orders from the same trading partner during 2021,” according to its announcement.

April 29, 2021 – by Alex Perala


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