Niagara Falls International implements 3D TSA checkpoint scanners


Niagara Falls International Airport in New York has implemented CT checkpoint (CT) scanners that provide 3D imaging at Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoints.

The system applies sophisticated algorithms for the detection of explosives, including liquids, creating a 3D image that can be viewed and rotated on three axes for in-depth visual analysis of the image by a TSA agent who can use the touch screen monitor to rotate the x-ray image 360° to view bag contents. If a bag requires further examination, TSA agents will inspect it to ensure that no threatening items are contained inside.

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This installation was made to improve the airport’s explosive detection capabilities and reduce the number of baggage checks required. Passengers using this machine at Niagara Falls Airport will be allowed to leave laptops and other electronic devices in their carry-on baggage.

Bart Johnson, TSA Federal Security Director for Upstate New York, said, “The new units provide critical explosives detection capabilities at the checkpoint. The TSA remains committed to obtaining the best technology to enhance security and improve the screening experience.

“The use of CT technology by our agents greatly improves our ability to detect threats at the point of control. Current TSA screening technology for carry-on baggage uses 2D images. CT technology applies sophisticated algorithms for the detection of explosives, including liquid explosives and other threat elements.


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