Nigeria uses integrated biometric scanners to power bank’s identification system


Integrated Biometrics (IB) highlights the role its fingerprint scanners play in the Nigerian banking system. The country is using IB technology to register customers for its Nigerian Interbank Settlement System (NIBSS) and to link each individual to a unique Bank Verification Number (BVN) as part of this initiative.

The BVN program was set up to make the Nigerian banking system more efficient. It provides each person with an identification number recognized by all banks in the country. This BVN can then be used to open an account at any bank and to conduct transactions, apply for loans and perform other financial activities. It was also designed to reduce the threat of identity theft, which makes it more difficult for criminals to gain unauthorized access to an account.

However, NIBSS needed a way to link each individual to their BVN and found that traditional methods such as PINs and passwords just weren’t strong enough to prevent fraud (at least according to the Central Bank of Nigeria). This is where biometrics comes in. The organization now collects fingerprint data as part of the BVN registration process to ensure that financial criminals cannot take advantage of someone’s number. else.

IB fingerprint scanners are used to facilitate this process. NIBSS is now using IB’s Kojak PL 10-Print roller scanner to register Nigerian citizens, having first selected the scanner based on a recommendation from financial software specialist Papersoft and its local partner Global Accelerex .

The Kojak PL itself is an FBI certified FAP 60 scanner with a lightweight design. NIBSS has now ordered and deployed 5,000 individual devices, which had been used to register more than 41 million Nigerian residents as of March 2020.

In 2019, IB opened a new office in South Africa with the aim of increasing its presence in the African market. The company will later celebrate Nigeria’s National Identity Day in 2020 and has encouraged the United Nations to recognize Identity Day as a global holiday.

Nigeria is implementing a national identity program with the assistance of $ 433 million from the World Bank. Integrated Biometrics, meanwhile, also supplied Kojak scanners for Santander Bank Mexico.

February 9, 2021 – by Eric Weiss


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