No under-screen fingerprint sensor visible for Pixel Notebook and Pixel Tablet

9to5Google reports that it has discovered Android code used to test the user interface of devices that run side-mounted fingerprint scanners. The code reveals that such a configuration can be used on two specific devices. The first will be “Y-aligned”, which means that the fingerprint reader is on the left or right side and will have two configurations: “folded and unfolded”. Of course, that could be the Pixel Notebook (aka Fold or whatever Google calls it). So you can add a side-mounted fingerprint scanner to other Pixel Notepad features that might take after the Samsung Galaxy Z Note 4.

You got me. Yes, this writer typed that there are two Google devices testing the UI for a side fingerprint scanner on Android. The Pixel Notebook is just one device. What’s the second? Well, dear readers, that would be the Pixel tablet due out next year. It would seem that for its foldable phone and tablet, Google is refraining from using the controversial under-display biometric reader that caused such a problem on the Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 6a.

While Google has kept the under-display fingerprint sensor for the new Pixel 7 series, it uses improved hardware that offers faster and more accurate readings.

We can assume that since the fingerprint reader code on the second device is “X-aligned”, it will be placed near the top or bottom edge of the device. This would indicate that the Pixel tablet’s power button could be integrated with the fingerprint scanner as it was on the ChromeOS-powered Pixel Slate. We might also see a 1600 x 2500 display resolution on at least one variant of the Pixel tablet.

Google is working on building its product inventory so it can offer a similar ecosystem to Apple and Samsung. By the end of next year, Google will offer Pixel phones, Pixel tablets, true wireless Pixel Buds, the Pixel Watch, and possibly a foldable phone.

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