NSW Police Extends IDEMIA Agreement For Police Store Biometric Scanners – Hardware – Software – Security


NSW Police have extended their contract with digital security firm IDEMIA to support 142 LiveScan biometric scanners used in police stations statewide.

IDEMIA said on Tuesday it had secured a six-year contract extension with Australia’s largest police force worth $ 4 million to continue to support and maintain the LiveScan solution.

LiveScan is a static biometric device that allows officers to capture fingerprints in a scanned format and transfer them to the National Automated Fingerprint Identification System (NAFIS).

NAFIS, which is managed by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission, is also supported by IDEMIA.

NSW Police have been using LiveScan technology, also in use in Victoria, Queensland and NT, for at least 20 years.

LiveScan is supported by “IDEMIA’s proprietary fingerprint algorithm and workflow software to improve the process of reserving criminals and registering biometric data”.

But NSW Police are increasingly using Fingerprint readers compatible with NEC smartphones, which can be used by agents while on the beat.

The devices are considered a “significant” improvement over non-portable fingerprint scanning devices like Livescan.

IDEMIA President and Senior Vice President of Public Safety and Identity for Asia-Pacific said the contract extension strengthens the company’s two-decade partnership with NSW Police.

“This collaboration demonstrates IDEMIA’s ability to provide essential support and maintenance when it comes to integrating multiple biometric technologies to increase national security and support effective policing,” he said.

“It is a great honor to support Australia’s largest police organization.”


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