One-Click KYC, Digital ID Solutions Introduced by Yoti, Sumsub


Yoti introduces new one-click digital identity verification solution in collaboration with KYC (know your customer) financial provider Department of Trust, as Sumsub unveils one-click KYC tool for users in India, Brazil, Nigeria and Indonesia. Additionally, Rent Panda has integrated VeriFast to launch a new tenant screening product for the home rental market, Air Bank is partnering with Innovatrics to remotely verify the identity of its banking customers, and Ondato is partnering to Radix Compliance, a company specializing in providing AML (anti-money laundering) and KYC outsourcing services.

Yoti improves compliance for gambling operators

The partnership will allow the UK-based company Trust Department consumers to link a new or existing Yoti check to a personal financial profile in the Department of Trust’s BetBudget app at any time.

After completing the unique biometric process, future registrations at participating gambling sites can be completed with one click.

According to Yoti CEO Robin Tombs, the move will allow operators using the combined service to access frictionless registration with reduced risk of fraud, as well as instant access to real-time financial KYC data for the affordability, responsible gambling and AML controls.

“We are thrilled to partner with the Department of Trust and combine our solutions to introduce a new compliance and identity verification standard for the gambling industry,” says Tombs.

“DoTrust shares our philosophy of giving individuals a safer way to share their personal information; that protects their privacy and personal data, while ensuring companies have the information they need to comply. »

Also this week, Yoti announced a new partnership with Talent Clouds, a digital workforce management and employee verification platform.

Sumsub Launches One-Click KYC Solution

According to Sumsub CEO, Andrew Sever, by launching his new software tool, the company has become the first KYC provider enabling businesses to verify over two billion people from Brazil, Nigeria, India and Indonesia. without scanning their documents.

According to the executive, the software tool is designed primarily for fintech, crypto, trading, market, and transportation businesses.

Once users provide their ID number and pass a liveness check, the solution automatically pulls the required data from government databases and cross-checks it with the provided ID number and the user’s facial biometrics.

“In this way, Sumsub achieves its mission of becoming a multi-local KYC provider – helping businesses onboard local users the way they are used to, while enabling businesses to enter new markets at the same time,” adds Sever.

“Soon, more databases and countries will be included in Sumsub’s one-click solution, improving access to products and services for more people around the world.”

The company also recently launched a tool to help betting platforms estimate potential fraud losses during the 2022 World Cup.

VeriFast and Rent Panda Launch Tenant Screening Product

The rent panda Smart Screening is designed to make it faster, safer and more efficient for small landlords to find the best tenants to rent their properties in Canada. He uses VeriFastcredit and digital identity checks.

“Supply and demand issues are putting enormous pressure on landlords and tenants,” says Hart Togman, co-founder and CEO of Rent Panda. “Our platform is designed to make it less stressful for small landlords to find the perfect tenant by embracing smart new rent assessment tools.”

The software tool, designed in conjunction with Fiserv’s biometric subsidiary VeriFast, provides instant credit and background reports, income and expense reports, and identity verification with facial biometrics.

“Rent Panda brings much-needed attention to serving small landlords and property management companies,” comments Tim Ray, co-founder and CEO of VeriFast. “We’re excited to be working together to enable their customers to perform identity and financial verification in less than three minutes by leveraging VeriFast’s ‘Verification-as-a-Service’ API.”

Innovatrics and Air Bank team up for remote customer verification

Air Bank announced that it has integrated Innovatrics’ Digital Onboarding Toolkit (DOT) to provide its users with an enhanced digital identity verification experience.

DOT offers features such as NIST FRVT facial biometrics, ID document data extraction and authenticity verification, and iBeta Level 2 tested liveliness detection.

“Working with Innovatrics, we are bringing a new method of verifying a customer’s identity to the mobile app environment using the elements currently available to the customer,” comments Filip Zavřel, Head of Daily Services at AirBank.

DOT offers a modular architecture, which has enabled Air Bank to integrate mobile and web-based software development kits (SDKs) and server-side APIs into its mobile banking application.

“All they need is a phone number and their own face, which is accurately verified by facial biometrics,” adds Zavřel.

“Customers will experience the novelty when pairing their bank account with the My Air mobile app, which typically happens when they buy a new phone or replace it,”

The Air Bank partnership comes days after Innovatrics added web access to its ABIS software to improve video processing speed for criminal investigations.

Radix Malta deploys Ondato KYC and AML tools

Ondato’s automated solutions are now available to Radix customers to help companies subject to specific anti-money laundering regulatory requirements mitigate risk.

Radix Compliance introduces its customers to Ondato’s automated and biometric onboarding capabilities.

“We are delighted to partner with Radix Malta and introduce our automated onboarding tool to their network of customers,” said Ondato CEO, Liudas Kanapienis. “We are convinced that this partnership will prove very beneficial for all.”

Radix Malta’s rollout of Ondato’s solutions follows a similar rollout by cross-border digital trade finance platform Drip Capital last month.

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