Ōura Launches New Sensor-Loaded Ring Focusing on Women’s Health

Ōura Launches New Sensor-Loaded Ring Focusing on Women’s Health


Joe Lemire

Ōura Health, which makes a finger-worn biometric tracker, has launched the third generation of its ring with live heart rate reporting, more granular temperature detection, and improved menstrual tracking and prediction. The new device makes women’s health a priority.

The Gen 3 Oura Ring includes more temperature sensors than its predecessors and the implementation of red and green LEDs to monitor heart rate. In total, the device has triple the number of sensors, including infrared sensors, and 32 times the memory of Gen 2.

Some additional features under development are improved heart rate monitoring during training and more sophisticated sleep phase tracking, as well as the addition of blood oxygen detection. An extensive audio and video library is also in preparation to help users better understand their personal data.

Oura rings have shown some effectiveness in identifying signs of particular illnesses, including COVID-19, before symptoms appear. The NBA and the NBPA partnered with Oura to provide wearable technology to all residents last summer Disney bubble For this purpose. NASCAR and the World Surfing League also gifted the rings to their athletes.

“With the Oura Ring Gen3, we are challenging the evolution of the apparel industry,” Oura CEO Harpreet Singh Rai said in a statement. “As well as being one of the most accurate sleep trackers in the world, we’ve now added daytime heart rate and training heart rate. But more importantly, we’ve remained committed to continuing our research into the our community’s most pressing issues. From investing in disease detection to women’s health, we see Oura working as a unique tool to track and guide your holistic health, translating your body’s hidden messages to improve what you feel, day and night.


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