Paychex launches biometric time and attendance clock with Iris ID scanner


Rochester, based in the United States Payment, a human resources and payroll company, launched its biometric iris and face time and attendance device called “Iris Time Clock” to perform a range of workforce management services . Biometric capabilities are provided by Iris ID.

The Iris Clock is said to identify employees with iris and facial recognition to record time and attendance data, access salary adjustments, leave balance, schedules, and other related services. Paychex says the biometric device has been designed to mimic the intuitiveness of a smartphone or tablet and is contactless. A video produced by the company says it can also biometrically identify employees wearing PPE or protection.

The video reveals that the biometric iris and face scanner is provided by Iris ID and resembles the iT100 workforce management terminal.

The company says the biometric device will reduce time spent on HR inquiries due to its integration with Paychex’s HR software. It can also deliver personalized messages to employees and eliminate friend punches, according to the company. It can also provide accurate identification of employees wearing masks.

The release is accompanied by several other new product releases from Paychex.

HR biometric devices have grown in popularity in recent years, with deployments such as Manusonic’s integration of Iris ID iris biometrics. Growth was propelled by the COVID-19 pandemic, which fueled interest in contactless solutions.

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