Pixel 6a’s fingerprint sensor seems to unlock for anyone – Phandroid


Our fingerprints are meant to be unique to us, which is why fingerprint sensors have become more or less the default standard for security on smartphones. The idea is that no one but us should be able to unlock our phones. Unfortunately, this appears to be an issue with the Pixel 6a.

According to several video reviews from various tech YouTubers (here, here, and here), it appears that the phone can be unlocked by other users placing their fingers or thumbs on the scanner. It’s actually a little scary because it means the sensor doesn’t care about the fingerprint, it just unlocks whenever it’s touched.

It’s unclear why or how this happens, but it’s clearly a big deal because, as we said, fingerprint sensors are essentially the default standard for biometric smartphone security, so what what’s the point if it basically allows anyone to unlock your phone?

Keep in mind that we haven’t tried this ourselves yet, so it’s hard to say how accurate all of these claims are. In one of the videos, the YouTuber is testing it with his daughter and the phone remains locked, while in other videos the phone’s fingerprint sensor is tested against a team of different users and it unlocks at every time.

Google hasn’t really announced or said anything about this issue, but hopefully the company is aware of it and fixes it soon.

Source: Reddit


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