ProMatDX 2021: Auto-ID scanners evolve to meet new e-commerce trends | DC speed


According to a session at ProMatDX today.

The consequences of this trend can have serious implications for DC’s operations, such as loss of throughput, misdirected items and damaged merchandise, said Don MacDavitt, account manager at supplier of industrial sensors SICK AG.

“You’ve seen for years how changing consumer shopping habits and the need for efficiency in the sorting and shipping process have dramatically changed packaging methods,” MacDavitt said. “The new mix of package types passing through the DC challenges even the most advanced material handling system. Now, in addition to cartons, you see a wide variety of other things, like clear and translucent polybags, paper and plastic dishes in different colors, and padded envelopes.

To deal with the flood, companies need to choose scanners that can read matrix codes, optical character recognition (OCR) and hazmat labeling, then feed all that data to platforms that can read. apply analysis and troubleshooting features to avoid problems. before it starts, he said.

By choosing the right Auto ID (Auto ID) system, businesses can leverage Auto ID Scan Stations for tasks beyond simple barcode scanning, such as verifying a single item, bag versus box recognition, identification of boxes carrying dangerous goods and item sizing, MacDavitt said.


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