Realme puts in-display heart rate sensor in upcoming 9 Pro+ phone


Realme VP Madhav Sheth said taken to Twitter to reveal that the upcoming Realme 9 Pro+ handset will feature a built-in heart rate sensor. In doing so, Sheth also confirmed that the phone will have an in-display fingerprint sensor, as users will need to place their fingers over this scanner in order to read their heart rate.

While this feature is an interesting new feature, Realme has warned that the phone’s heart rate readings should not be used for official diagnostic and medical purposes. In this regard, a dedicated heart rate monitor will almost certainly be more accurate than a touch sensor designed primarily for authentication. Even so, the Realme Pro+ could be a useful tool for people on the go and provide them with a better idea of ​​their heart health at all times.

The 9 Pro+ will be the first Realme phone with heart rate detection functionality, although Samsung has previously rolled out similar technology in its Galaxy S and Galaxy Note product lines. The tech debuted with the Galaxy S5 before being phased out with the Note 9. Samsung has since teased that heart tech could return in future Galaxy Fold devices.

Sheth’s video also revealed that the 9 Pro+’s AMOLED display will have a hole punched in the top left corner to accommodate the selfie camera. The 9 Pro+ will debut alongside the Realme 9 Pro, although it’s not yet clear whether or not heart rate detection will be offered in the lower-tier model. The Realme 9 debuted in January, while the other two phones are expected to debut later this month.

Realme previously placed a Goodix heart rate and blood oxygen sensor in its Realme Watch in 2020. The company will later offer a Goodix in-screen fingerprint sensor alongside a range of Goodix audio solutions in its GT 5G device in early 2021.

Sources: technical radar, GSMArena


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