Regula launches a compact and complete digital ID document scanner


A lighter option for forensic identification document scanning is entering the market with the introduction of the Regula 4306, a compact Video Spectrum Comparator (VSC) that offers advanced documents in a package that will fit most desks.

The 4306 targets a broader user base of governments, customs officials, financial organizations and other forensic professionals, according to a Regula press release, by containing technology developed for larger VSCs in a model the size of a desktop printer.

Features include the exclusive use of LED light, which Regula says results in less heat loss and longer life for the equipment. The unit includes over forty light sources across the spectrum and offers a total of 4095 high intensity light source combinations for infrared luminescence. It has formatting options for large and thick ID documents, allowing users to review documents of different shapes and sizes. There’s 142x magnification and a range of filters and operating modes.

The bells and whistles, however, make the Regula 4306 more than just an ordinary ID scanner, the announcement says. Multi-directional light sources allow the unit to produce 3D model scans with full surface relief reconstruction – useful for 360 degree review, and for breaking down printing methods and chronological addition of elements graphics and text to a document. It also has a hyperspectral image analysis module, to scan electromagnetic information and detect the spectral characteristics of inks. Regula says it is indispensable for examinations of secure documents printed with metameric inks, which look different in certain lighting conditions.

“The device’s capabilities have proven to be close to an expert lab and cover most of the day-to-day needs of professionals, with advanced analysis of almost all major document formats available,” says Arif Mamedov, CEO of Regula USA. “Yet it comes in a compact and convenient form.”

The Regula 4306 can be ordered from Regula’s website.

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