Regula teases a compact scanner to verify biometric ID documents


Latvian company Regula will soon launch a compact document authentication scanning device named Regula 1030 which can authenticate current identity documents with integrated biometrics. According to LinkedIn announcement the device will be available this fall.

The Regula 1030 is said to detect Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips and define whether it is type A or B in any biometric document through its magnification capabilities which can see the micro-imprint and the nano-imprint fragments. The device can check documents using a variety of light sources, including: white (incident, oblique), coaxial white, UV (254, 310, 365, 400nm) and high-intensity IR 980nm, says Regula.

It can also check and examine a wide range of documents such as passports, ID cards, travel documents, visa stamps and seals for mechanical and chemical tampering, detect key security features during printing, compare object sizes, control type line widths, detect mechanical and chemical alterations in document structure, and examine documents in transmitted light.

Other documents the Regula 1030 can scan include entry permits, banknotes, driving licenses, vehicle registration certificates and other vehicle-related documents, signatures and handwriting fragments, tax and special stamps and securities.

The company says the Regula 1030 is ideal for traffic police, mobile border checkpoints and currency exchange offices, as well as collectors. Its document database now includes templates for more than 10,000 different identity documents, according to a recent announcement.

Regula also updated its Face SDK in February to bring its biometric face liveness checks to web browsers.

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