requests the introduction of identification permit cards


Manx residents were arrested at two airports

A Manx resident is asking the Isle of Man to issue identity cards after his wife was detained at two airports as she returned to the island.

Douglas’ adviser, Frank Schuengel, and his wife Myka, were traveling from the Philippines when she ran into trouble despite showing proof of her residence permit.

He told Manx Radio that the authorities did not want to accept a letter proving his residency.

Myka was forced to sign a document stating that she could be arrested, or that her passport could be seized, if she could not prove her residence.

Mr Schuengel is now calling on the government to provide identity cards to prevent incidents like this from happening to others:

The Isle of Man Immigration Service says it cannot comment on individual travel or residence statuses, but has advised anyone who has had problems to contact them.

In a statement provided to Manx Radio, he added:

“The Isle of Man Immigration Service does not issue the same documentation as the UK but under Schedule 4 of the Immigration Act 1971 all residence permits granted on the The Isle of Man (or other Crown Dependencies) will be as if permission had been granted by the UK – regardless of format.

“We do not issue biometric residence permits or cards. In line with the UK, each Crown Dependency runs its own EU Settlement Scheme (EUS). However, unlike the UK, Crown Dependencies issue a letter confirming the individual’s EUSS status.

“Physical documents, such as biometric residence cards, will be phased out as the UK moves towards a fully digital immigration system.

“The islands’ immigration laws and policy are closely linked to the UK to ensure that most travel within the Common Travel Area remains free of routine immigration checks.

“As the UK service moves to digital options, we will continue to work closely with our colleagues in the UK and other Crown dependencies to ensure we align so that our documents continue to be recognized on the world stage and when crossing the UK border.

‘Isle of Man Immigration would like to reassure document holders that clearances granted in the Isle of Man should be accepted by UK Border Force officials without issue, regardless of format.’


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