Samsung plans to remove ultrasonic fingerprint scanners in future releases


Samsung’s Galaxy S11 series may not come with ultrasonic biometric fingerprint scanners, following the severe blow the Galaxy S10 series suffered when users complained that a cheap screen protector could manipulate fingerprint readers and allow anyone to unlock their phone, Mashable reports.

In its S10 series, Samsung has integrated Qualcomm’s ultrasonic scanners. Earlier this year, it was reported that the ultrasonic biometric fingerprint scanner could easily be hacked with a 3D printed copy of the phone owner’s fingerprint taken from a photograph of a fingerprint on a wine glass. Based on its specifications, the ultrasonic sensor should detect liveliness by sensing blood flow, which in this situation was not.

Samsung Securities analyst Lee Jong-wook told Mashable that the company is considering removing ultrasonic fingerprints from the phone’s feature list entirely, but didn’t give too many details on what the fix. security involved.

Although Samsung fixed the security flaw, it would be difficult to regain market confidence after the negative publicity the company received when a number of financial and security apps blocked the fingerprint reader.

While optical fingerprint readers are faster, ultrasonic fingerprint readers are often considered more accurate because they develop a visual image of the fingerprint. If Samsung disengages from fingerprint readers, it can use facial recognition as its primary entry point. A leading competitor, Apple has made the switch to facial recognition, although the company may soon offer both biometrics, while Android phones have so far largely confined themselves to fingerprint readers.

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