Screen repairs disable Pixel 6 fingerprint sensor


Google continues to have issues with the in-display fingerprint sensor on its Pixel 6 smartphone. Many consumers struggled to get the sensor to work after the handset launched in October, although Google has attempted to fix the issue with a software update in November.

Unfortunately, the new glitch appears to disable the fingerprint sensor entirely, at least for Pixel 6 owners who had to have their screens repaired. When repairing a Pixel 6 screen, technicians are supposed to run a calibration tool to reset the sensor with the new screen. However, the tool seems to have trouble communicating with the sensor and often displays the message “Cannot find the unique calibration software for this device”. In these cases, the fingerprint sensor becomes unusable, as it cannot be configured after the repair.

The problem doesn’t seem to occur after every repair, and there doesn’t seem to be a pattern yet as to when and why it happens. Some techs have suggested that the tool is more likely to fail when run on a Windows computer rather than a Chromebook, although this currently seems to be a running theory rather than a proven hypothesis.

As it stands, the issue has been seen in both the standard and Pixel 6 Pro models, regardless of the store performing the repair. On that front, technicians failed to recalibrate the sensor at third-party stores and repair shops with official approval from Google.

Interestingly, recent rumors have hinted that Google was originally planning to offer a face-based authentication feature alongside fingerprint recognition in the Pixel 6. If so, the decision to change heading could prove costly given Google’s ongoing struggles with sensors. That said, the code for Face Unlock still seems to be built into the phone, so Google might be able to reintroduce the utility with a future update.

Sources: Tech Radar, Gizmochina


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