SecuGen unveils Hamster Air contactless biometric fingerprint reader


SecuGen has unveiled a new contactless fingerprint reader with its optical biometric technology.

Dubbed Hamster Air, the biometric scanner meets the needs of a post-pandemic world and is designed for high traffic, multi-user environments where individuals prefer not to touch potentially risky surfaces.

“The Hamster Air is a breakthrough and a game changer,” commented Jeff Brown, vice president of sales for SecuGen. “When the coronavirus pandemic hit, our partners started asking for contactless alternatives to traditional fingerprint readers, so we quickly developed what I believe is a premium product. “

Hamster Air joins SecuGen’s rugged fingerprint reader portfolio. Applications the scanner is suitable for include healthcare, retail, finance, telecommunications and national identification programs, among others, according to the announcement.

“The Hamster Air was designed for easy integration with almost any application, including those already designed to work with other SecuGen fingerprint products,” said Dan Riley, vice president of engineering at SecuGen. .

According to the company, Hamster Air can recognize tough and tricky (dry, wet, scarred) fingerprints and comes with a series of advanced features, including automatic finger detection, self-adjusting scanning, user authentication. device and encryption of biometric templates.

“With the simultaneous release of U-AIR, the OEM version of Hamster Air and the software development kits, we are proud to offer a full line of products that exploit this new contactless technology,” added Riley.

The Hamster Air is already available on the SecuGen website. Its release comes months after the company was selected by Phoenix LTC to upgrade the biometric security of its automated medication management system.

Contactless fingerprints are a notable trend in the biometrics industry right now, with a government-backed research council in South Africa among the latest to reveal contactless technologies.

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