Secure your home with DoorBird’s biometric fingerprint sensor


Home security has advanced by leaps and bounds over the past few years, thanks to the growing adoption of smart home technology, coupled with better and more intuitive connectivity between devices and Wi-Fi networks.

Berlin-based Bird Home Automation is at the forefront of this growing sector with its DoorBird Fingerprint 50 intercom system, which features an integrated biometric fingerprint sensor that will give you peace of mind, while transforming your humble home into a Bond-style fortress of security.

The DoorBird D21x series allows residents to see and speak to their visitors via a smartphone screen, and unlock the door remotely. The HD wide-angle camera, motion detection system and advanced audio with background noise cancellation won’t let any intruder escape unnoticed, while keyless access control is available via radio frequency identification or via a PIN code.

But that’s all standard. Where the DoorBird stands out is thanks to the biometric fingerprint sensor.

Bird Home Automation explains: “The fingerprint reader is fully integrated into the DoorBird software architecture and can be configured remotely at any time. Via an app or a web-based dashboard, the user can grant and revoke access permissions, and also define which event should follow when a certain finger is detected.

Each intercom can store up to fifty different fingerprints, and will be temporarily locked after five unauthorized access attempts, to prevent any unforeseen manipulation. This technology was developed by the Swedish biometrics company Fingerprints Cards AB, a world leader in its field.

“Thanks to the cooperation with Fingerprints Cards AB, we can meet many of our customers’ requests for high-quality IP access control devices with a fully integrated biometric fingerprint sensor,” says Sascha Keller, CEO of Bird Home Automation.

“When it comes to collaborations, we always try to work with the best in class, and that’s why we’ve incorporated this technology, which features superior biometric performance and security, into our DoorBird IP video intercoms. “

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