Selfie Biometric Authentication Apps Deployed by Indian and New Zealand Governments


It is now possible for Aadhaar digital ID account holders to verify their identity using their phone when accessing certain services through a Unique Identification biometric face authentication mobile application Authority of India.

The face authentication platform, called Aadhaar FaceRD, means users don’t necessarily need to carry their physical cards. Their identity can be verified using the FaceRD on their smart phones, writes mint.

The FaceRD app captures faces for authentication,” according to Mint. The application was developed by the identification authority.

Aadhaar cardholders are already using the authentication app for Jeevan Pramaan, a biometrics-based digital certification service for retirees, the Co-Win vaccination app, as well as for scholarships and welfare programs. to be farmers.

According to the government, the app is available on Google Play. An account holder scans his face with his phone and the image is verified against his Aadhaar photograph.

The successes of the Aadhaar biometric identification system were discussed at the recently concluded Digital India Week event.

Verification by facial biometrics is also possible in New Zealand

Meanwhile, in New Zealand, it is possible for the Home Office to verify a person’s identity using their driver’s license photo through the One Time Identity facial biometrics system.

People must join the authentication program, according to Waka Kotahi NZTA, the government agency that handles driver and vehicle licenses and other ground transportation issues.

The unique identification system, otherwise known as Identity Check, has been in operation since 2019 and would be part of New Zealand’s proposed digital identification system.

While Waka Kotahi officials say internal affairs can use ID screening, they did not say whether other ministries such as the health minister have similar permission, according to news center.

The Ministry of Social Development said it scrapped plans to verify identity using identity verification about two years ago, with an official saying it had not implemented the policy required to verify a customer’s identity using their selfie biometrics.

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