Selfie biometrics companies add location verification and launch new offers


Two selfie ID authenticators, Sumsub and Incognia, announced the addition of location-based authentication while two others, CycurID and Nametag, introduce new KYC products and customer support identification.

Sumsub launches GPS-based location verification

British selfie biometrics company Sumsub has added GPS location verification to its address verification solution, expanding its Know Your Customer and Know Your Business (KYB) product line.

The company already offers a proof-of-address verification service that scans passports, bank statements, utility bills and other documents to determine an address and check for fraud.

Sumsub says it launched a location-based verification service to thwart document risks. Without security marks or photos, documents are susceptible to forgery. And most are somehow non-standard, requiring more time for checks. This delays onboarding time and may result in lower success rates.

Unlike document-based address proof verification, Sumsub’s new service verifies locations with GPS. Peter Sever, director of strategy at Sumsub, says he asks if he can get their geolocation before using GPS, Wi-Fi positioning and phone tower triangulation to locate them.

Sumsub notes that it is responding to requests from cryptocurrency and commerce regulators, who want stricter confirmation of a user’s address to combat financial crimes.

Incognia has an spoofing detection module for mobile fraud detection

Incognia continued its foray into location-based verification, launching a new module to detect spoofing attacks through location-based activity spoofing detection.

The company leverages location to decide the integrity of a device that submits a selfie and biometric proof of liveliness. With device integrity checks, device watchlists, and emulator detection, it prevents liveness detection spoofing like deepfakes, says Inconia CEO André Ferraz.

“With this new module, we are ensuring that crypto, finserv, online gaming and other customers are protected during onboarding,” he said.

Among its recent steps towards location-based identity verification, Incognia raised $15.5 million and released three location-based identity modules.

CycurID launches the KYC “passport”

Based in Canada CycurID unveiled hisI amKYC Passport, which uses biometrics to authenticate and verify customers.

The software is described as an all-in-one KYC passport that verifies customers using government databases, sanctions lists, and international databases. It also performs biometric authentication by comparing a photo on a government ID to a selfie and detects liveliness as a defense against spoofing.

CycurID COO Gord Jessop said, “Most of the identity solutions available today are an agglomeration of third-party technologies that don’t address the underlying issues plaguing the online world, including the growing number of stolen or compromised personal records.

Jessop says the company has developed fully encrypted, closed-loop identity management and privacy software to address these issues.

The company launched an identity authentication platform based on facial biometrics earlier in June that also emphasizes customers’ control over their privacy.

Nametag introduces digital identity verification for customer service teams

Nametag has launched its latest biometric identification software for customer service employees to detect fraud, crime and identity theft.

The US-based company says its solution will ask customer representatives to generate and send an identity verification link via text, email or chat. Customer will be asked to scan their government issued photo ID and take a selfie to verify their identity.

The software will lead to faster resolutions, reduce fraud-related disputes and increase customer satisfaction, says Nametag.

“Verifying a person’s identity online and over the phone is difficult, but interviewing your customers isn’t the solution,” said Aaron Painter, CEO of Nametag. “The customer service experience has a direct impact on how satisfied and loyal your customers are and how likely they are to recommend your brand to others. Yet security questions do not prove account ownership and do not not create positive customer experiences.”

Nametag also sells digital identity authentication for account recovery or people access through its biometric selfie ID login service.

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