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AUTO BORDER: Drivers and passengers interact with the contactless system from inside their vehicle

that of Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) is testing a contactless biometric immigration clearance system that allows travelers arriving in the country from Malaysia by car to scan their passport and verify their identity with a face and iris scan without having to leave their vehicle.

ICA is testing an Automated Passenger Car Clearance System (APICS) that integrates contactless biometric scanners, sensors and cameras into a “self-help kiosk” that detects the size of each approaching vehicle and automatically adjusts the pitch of its sweep. devices so that the driver and passengers can interact with them while staying in the car.

Once in the contactless automated lane, the driver scans the passports of everyone traveling in the vehicle with the kiosk’s passport scanner before each traveler is prompted to look towards different cameras that simultaneously scan their face and iris. The kiosk barrier opens automatically when the identities of everyone in the car are authenticated.

A short video shows how the system works.

“The way APICS works is similar to the current biometric immigration clearance at the airport,” says the Home Team Science and Technology Agency (HTX) which developed the system based on earlier technology tested in 2017.

“The previous version of the APICS prototype featured robotic arms that were used to bring wireless biometric devices (for fingerprints and face) to the driver and passengers of the vehicle. The results of this trial suggested that self- clearance of travelers in vehicles was feasible,” adds HTX.

“Facial and iris scanning technology has since evolved, and iris patterns and facial features have replaced fingerprints as the primary biometric identifier for immigration clearance. contactless facial and iris scanners instead of contact devices offers a more convenient, hygienic and efficient immigration clearance process.

The APICS pilot will take place at the Old Woodlands Checkpoint in Singapore until October 2022

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