Smart Engines delivers identity document scanning to fintech


For many people around the world, COVID-19 health passes and branchless banking are now a part of life, but they are rarely adequately vetted. Scanning technology to perform automated verification of credentials is therefore required.

To this end, the fintech Cashbot of the Czech Republic used the intelligent identification engine of Smart Engines to perform customer data entry with optical character recognition (OCR) of identity documents.

Cashbot will use the tools of the Russian company to extract the data from passport photographs and scans when requesting Cashbot services through the application developed by Red Stone Now sro Data contained on Czech identity cards is required to open in-country financial services accounts, and do not need to be entered manually due to the integration of Smart Engines’ ID document scanning technology.

Recognition is done locally without data transfer to maintain data security and privacy, according to Smart Engines.

“Technology can dramatically speed up the process of remote services in B2C and B2B industries. Scanning documents on modern processors takes less than a second. Customers no longer need to manually fill in card identification data; they must provide a photo of it, ”says Marek Hejdusek, director of Red Stone Now sro.

Strengthening EU COVID Green Pass QR Code Matching to Fight Fraud

A new approach in the Netherlands aims to strengthen cardholder identity control to combat fraud, a growing problem globally for paper and digital health cards according to the WHO.

The Dutch government now requires identity control when a health card QR code is scanned, for example at event locations. The Netherlands-based code specialist ScanID has developed a system using readers from the French company Elyctis to scan the holder’s identity document at the same time as the European Green Pass, or national version.

The system recognizes all identification formats from the Netherlands and beyond. It reads the MRZ of the document and uses its content to access the biographical data of the identifier chip. A reader also accesses the QR code data of the health pass, verifies the code certificate and collects the same biographical data to verify that the two documents correspond. It also checks the information on counterfeits and the expiration date of the pass presented.

The ScanID app can read the national COVID passes for UK, France and Germany.

Elyctis readers checking eID documents

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