Starburst’s New Original Candy Will Use Biometric Fingerprint Scanners


While most bulk bags of candy claim to be “the size of a share”, this particular box of Starburst candies boldly claims to be anything but shareable. In fact, only your fingerprints can unlock the candy box for you to enjoy with a unique biometric fingerprint lock.

According Food, Mars Wrigley has collaborated with safe building company Mycube Safe to create what it calls an “All-Pink Unshare Pack”. Resembling a large pink Starburst (and, as the title suggests, filled with pink Starburst candy), the safe can only be opened by a biometric lock, which unlocks at the touch of the appropriate user’s finger. This means that unlike resealable pouches that anyone can tear themselves open, only you and you can open your box of Strawberry Starbursts. Talk about high security for sweets.

Part of the “self-love” mentality that pink Starbursts reflect — or so Mars Wrigley says (via PR Newswire). The Pink Starbursts seem to be symbolic of a “me first” mentality that encourages people to reflect on what makes them unique and to “indulge themselves” in their accomplishments. While sharing is caring, as the old saying goes, it’s safe to say that there are benefits to showing how much you appreciate yourself and everything you do.

Although Foodbeast notes that these “Unshare Packs” will be available at major retailers, fans can enter to win a Pack until October 7th.


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