Suprema ID Biometric Enrollment Scanners Confirmed MOSIP Compliant


Two of Suprema ID’s biometric enrollment scanners have completed compliance self-testing and integration with the Modular Open-Source Identification Platform (MOSIP) security standard.

South Korean society RealScan S60 According to Sanjith Sundaram, Biometrics Ecosystem Manager at MOSIP, the fingerprint registration devices achieved MOSIP compliance due to the Suprema ID team’s quick understanding of the security model and API specifications. “We look forward to working with Suprema ID and our knowledgeable ecosystem partners to make high-quality, cutting-edge technology products available to countries adopting MOSIP,” he added.

MOSIP, a global open-source platform for governments to build basic digital ID systems, also includes Secure Biometric Interface (SBI) standards to ensure secure biometric transactions in trusted environments. According to Suprema ID, MOSIP compliance will give customers the flexibility to modify policies or change technical components based on national roadmaps without having to re-register citizens’ biometrics.

This is the latest confirmation of security compliance obtained by Suprema ID, which has obtained ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 certifications for its BioStar 2 biometric access control system.

MOSIP also affirmed Integrated Biometrics to its compliance standards in April.

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