Suprema ID Complements MOSIP Compliance Program for RealScan-G10 Biometric Scanner


Suprema ID announced that it has successfully passed a self-compliance test for the Modular Open Source Identity Platform (MOSIP) system on its RealScan-G10 biometric enrollment scanner.

The implementation of the program will allow Suprema ID’s national ID customers to take advantage of out-of-the-box integration with their Automated Biometric Identification Systems (ABIS), according to a statement.

This compliance also means an additional layer of confidentiality and security in a trusted environment with the implementation of the SBI 1.0 concept to secure identifiable information for the biometric scanner, already certified IAFIS Annex F.

For passing the compliance test, Suprema ID will join a group of more than 25 biometric device and core trust module vendors around the world who are currently working in collaboration with MOSIP to help governments create digital ID systems.

A statement from MOSIP said, “We are moving to a market model soon, where the specific product will be listed with an indication of claimed self-compliance. Self-compliance is also helpful in the faster rollout model we’re working on for less populous countries. “

Suprema ID CEO Bogun Park said MOSIP-enabled scanners will enable their customers to offer excellent biometric fingerprint scanning services.

“We are delighted to offer a MOSIP SBI Compliant Fingerprint Registration Scanner to our customers who develop their national ID projects on the MOSIP architecture, which will provide them with privacy and security while providing the best fingerprint capture capabilities, ”Park said.

“RealScan-G10 features fast and accurate image capture technology, with a frame rate of over 20 fps that ensures the best image quality and lower error rate in capture sequences. , live finger detection technology based on machine learning (LFD), a robust IP54 structure against dust and waterproofing with Suprema ID’s unique image preprocessing technique enables frequencies of higher images in capture and a richer pixel rate, which produces better image quality, ”added the CEO of Suprema ID.

In March, MOSIP invited suppliers of biometric devices and “fundamental trust modules” to submit their devices as MOSIP compliant, as part of a self-compliance exercise based on the interface specifications. secure biometric 1.0.

Built as a public good, MOSIP is a platform to help governments and organizations put in place digital ID or core ID systems to avoid vendor lockdown that can occur during purchase of a complete system from a single supplier.

The government of Sri Lanka, for example, recently entered into a partnership agreement with the platform to help it design and grow its foundational digital ID ecosystem. A proof of concept (PoC) on an end-to-end demonstration of the digital identification system would have already been successfully completed.

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