Suprema ID launches durable biometric fingerprint scanner FAP60 at Connect: ID


Jenetric Updates Scanner, Iris ID, Rank One, Alcatraz, Idemia, ImageWare, NEC and BIO-key Exposure

Suprema ID is launching a new durable scanner to register fingerprint biometrics in the field at Connect: ID 2021 in Washington, DC this week.

The new RealScan S60 is a FAP60 live scanner for flatbed, single-roll, double-plate and 10-print fingerprint collection, with a built-in artificial intelligence solution for the detection of biometric presentation attacks in order to ‘prevent the use of false fingers. The device also includes an IP65 entry rating and comes in a modular form for integration into mobile devices and kits.

Suprema says the RealScan S60’s LED indicators are part of a user-friendly interface, and the scanner includes easy USB-C connectivity.

“The new RealScan S60 is designed to offer great portability, convenience and high-quality fingerprint image capture in a compact and lightweight FAP60 device,” comments Bogun Park, CEO of Suprema ID. “At Suprema ID, our commitment is to ensure consistent performance, reliability and usability in dynamic environments. We are confident that the RealScan-S60 will meet customers’ need for a compact and lightweight FBI certified FAP 60 scanner.

Jenetric Launches Next Generation Quattro Fingerprint Scanner

Jenetric is bringing the second generation of its LIVETOUCH Quattro Compact fingerprint scanner, which the company claims is the world’s smallest FAP60 scanner, to Connect: ID 2021.

The new version includes user guidance with colored pictograms, document and barcode scanning and improved resistance to ambient lighting. The new scanner is connected via USB-C and, along with the document capture function, makes full use of the company’s TFT optical technology for the first time, according to the announcement.

Biometrics providers are making a comeback

Iris ID will share information about the US Federal Government’s use of iris biometrics on Connect: ID. The company plans to demonstrate its remote iris and facial biometric capture technologies at its booth in the exhibition hall of the event.

Rank One Computing executives will participate in multiple sessions at Connect: ID and showcase the company’s biometric software, including ROC Explore, ROC SDK, ROC Watch, VMS Lite, and Livescan Enrollment.

Alcatraz AI is exhibiting for the first time at Connect: ID, sharing its facial biometrics device the Rock.

Several speakers from Idemia and Idemia NSS will be making presentations and joining panels for Connect: ID. Idemia will also present its biometric technologies, in particular its ABIS in SaaS mode and its improved passenger security and facilitation solutions.

ImageWare will showcase its suite of enterprise biometric tools, including its biometric authentication app and end-to-end automated identity verification.

BIO-key participates in several sessions of the Connect: ID agenda and exhibits its biometric identity-related software and hardware solutions, including fingerprint scanners, FIDO security keys and the company’s MobilePOS Pro terminal .

Several executives from NEC Corporation of America will speak at Connect: ID and also showcase biometric identification, forensics and enrollment products.

Last year’s Connect: ID was among many events disrupted by the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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