Suprema ID to provide high-speed mobile biometric capture for Arana security kit


An agreement between Suprema ID and Arana Security will see the first RealScan-G10 FAP60 fingerprint scanner included in the latter’s BioBox mobile biometric kit as Suprema seeks to continue innovations in its fingerprint authentication solutions based on mobile devices.

According to a company announcement, the compact Suprema ID live scanner for capturing one and ten impressions runs on its advanced optical technology that enables high-speed image capture and transparent image processing.

The solution will be integrated with Arana Security’s robust suitcase-style BioBox biometric kit, which is used flexibly for different scenarios around the world. The kit would be ideal for the enlistment of citizens in large sparsely populated areas, enhanced security checks, non-governmental organizations, law enforcement, banking and financial sector, education sector , refugee camps, border controls or emergency or crisis matters as well as in the corporate sector.

“Mobile enrollment and identification continues to be one of the rapidly growing applications of biometrics,” said Bogun Park, CEO of Suprema ID. “Suprema ID continues to invest and innovate in fingerprint authentication solutions based on mobile devices. We are very happy to collaborate with Arana Security. Through our relationship with Arana Security, we will continue to extend all the benefits of our RealScan-G10 fingerprint scanners to more customers around the world.

Also speaking on the deal, Arana Security’s sales director Ali Naser said the goal is to have a compact solution that can facilitate biometric identification in all scenarios. “We wanted to provide our customers with a compact solution allowing biometric identification in any scenario, whether at a checkpoint, a refugee camp or in a corporate building. We always aim to incorporate the best technology into our solutions and Suprema ID’s advanced optical technology allows us to provide fast and accurate image capture.

Suprema ID also signed an agreement with Ekemp in October to integrate its RealScan-G10 FAP60 fingerprint scanner into the latter’s VigoBox biometric registration kit.

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