TBS adds 3D FLY to its range of contactless biometric fingerprint readers


Touchless Biometric Systems (TBS) has added a new scanner model to its portfolio of biometric readers and solutions.

Called 3D FLY, the contactless biometric fingerprint reader is designed to perform user identification “on the fly”, meaning users do not have to stop in front of the device to be identified.

Because of these capabilities, TBS said the sensor is particularly suited to applications where security, convenience and speed are critical, such as speed lanes, turnstiles and sliding doors.

The contactless device works by capturing a high-resolution image of the entire hand from which it then extracts the biometric characteristics of up to four fingers.

According to TBS, the sensor is very accurate, as it has a pattern storage capacity of over 10,000 users in identification mode (1:N). 3D FLY also supports two-step authentication with PIN codes for sites that need an extra layer of security. In this case, the TBS indicates that the number of users is increased to 100,000.

From a regulatory perspective, 3D FLY would work on the basis of consent, requiring explicit cooperation from the user each time they present their hand to the sensor.

The solution is already available on the TBS site, along with a product sheet offering additional technical details. The 3D FLY provides an alternative form factor to TBS 3D terminal scanners for faster throughput.

The release of the new device comes weeks after TBS announced an extension of its partnership with security solutions provider dormakaba.

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