Technology turns touchscreens into biometric scanners


A team of researchers from Yahoo Labs has developed a very affordable alternative to fingerprint sensors for phones. It’s a biometric system called “body print“, and it only needs the devices’ capacitive touchscreens to authenticate body parts. Since the screens have a lower input resolution than specialized sensors, the system forces you to use larger parts of your body.It can recognize your ear, your fist, your knuckles, your set of five fingers and your palm – just tap any of them on the screen to access them.As well as serving as a guardian of your phone, it also has a number of other potential applications.

For example, you can program the system to answer calls only when it detects your ear pressed against the phone. You can also use it to lock documents and keep them away from prying eyes. Bodyprint, which was recently demonstrated at the 2015 Computer-Human Interaction (CHI) conference in Seoul, accurately identified body parts and their owners 99.98% of the time during a small test consisting of 12 subjects. But we suspect that its creators, Christian Holz and his team, will have to test it on a larger scale before anyone can use it on a commercial device.

Be sure to watch the system in action below:

[Thanks, Christian]

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