Tessi evolves with the processing of digital identity documents from Smart Engines


Smart Engines AI-based document scanning and authentication technology enables business process service provider Tessi to perform large-scale digital processing of identity documents in France and across Europe, and partners have reached four million documents processed successfully in the past three years, according to a joint announcement.

The partners also predict that approximately 20 million additional ID document scans and native digital documents will be processed over the next three years through the partnership.

Thanks to the agreement announced in March 2020, Tessi claims to have become a major player in business process services for French and European companies thanks to the deployment of the digital document processing and data capture solution based on the AI ​​of Smart Engines and based on optical character recognition. (ROCK).

Tessi selected Smart Engines to provide solutions to the challenges associated with recognizing and processing complex, flexible, multi-page fixed template forms when establishing a digital ID. The Smart Engines ID document scanning solution ensures privacy and security of personal data, cutting-edge approaches and environmental responsibility for future generations, says Tessi.

“The implementation of the digital transformation of all kinds of businesses is increasingly sought after by many organizations. This prosperous partnership is a step towards the sustainable development of certain Tessi business solutions and an accelerator of commercial efficiency. The use of Smart Engines state-of-the-art SDKs allows smoother digitization of document processes while working on major national and European issues ”, said Pierre Charara, Director of Tessi France Alliances.

Smart Engines’ intelligent document engine provides the company’s GreenOCR processing, along with handwritten form filling (ICR) and label and checkbox recognition (OMR) capabilities.

“We are delighted to continue our mutually beneficial partnership with Tessi. Working in compliance with responsible consumption standards, we have collectively created innovative solutions for the transformation of industries. Smart Engines technologies integrate seamlessly with Tessi’s digital back office solutions, ”said Vladimir Arlazarov, CEO of Smart Engines.

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