Thales provides biometric payment cards to JKB


Jordan Kuwait Bank (JKB) brings biometric payment card to the Middle East. The new card will be delivered to the bank’s World Elite Mastercard customers and will be the first commercially available biometric payment card offered in the region.

The card itself was developed by Thales, which has already delivered biometric payment cards for BNP Paribas in its native France. JKB’s announcement offered no details about the fingerprint sensor, although previous cards incorporated FPC’s fingerprint technology.

In any case, the Thales card will enable JKB to meet the growing demand for contactless payment solutions. Thales’s offer is EMV certified by Mastercard, Visa and Europay and uses an integrated fingerprint sensor to verify the identity of the card holder during a transaction.

In doing so, the card eliminates the need for a traditional PIN code, meaning people no longer need to make physical contact with a terminal to make a payment. The JKB card can be used in ATMs and traditional in-store payment terminals, as well as when shopping online. The owner’s fingerprint template will be stored locally on the card and can be registered at home without visiting a branch. Devices, on the other hand, will display a green light to indicate that a fingerprint match was successful.

“We have ensured that the fingerprint scanners embedded in EMV biometric cards use the latest pioneering technologies to ensure fast, contactless and secure transactions for JKB customers,” said Nassir Ghrous, vice president of services banking and payment services from Thales.

JKB noted that digital payments have increased dramatically during the COVID-19 pandemic and believes volumes will continue to increase over the next several years. Adoption is expected to be particularly high in the United Arab Emirates, where 97% of consumers plan to use at least one digital payment method in the next 12 months.

Source: National News


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