The Colombian civil registry will deploy Thales biometric scanners


Thales plans to provide fingerprint scanners to Colombia’s National Civil Registry for better management of biometric enrollments and fraud prevention, reports Valora Analitikafter the scanners received government approval.

According to the report, the on-board processing system of the French multinational’s new fingerprint management solution provides FBI PIV-certified identity authentication. The system’s advanced biometric algorithms, the report notes, also detect biometric presentation attacks with fake fingerprints in real time and encrypt captured fingerprint images to prevent fraud.

The authorities of the National Civil Registry hope that the new solution will play an important role in protecting the identity of users in different fields such as banking, law enforcement, border control, as well as access control.

“With more than 200 biometric deployments in 80 countries around the world, Thales has a strong ability to adapt quickly and efficiently to new market requirements, and we are delighted to start working in Colombia.”

Thales has also recently signed important agreements related to biometrics and smart cities with the governments of Saudi Arabia and Vietnam.

National Registry Approved Scanners

Fingerprint scanners have been approved for operational requirements compliance with Columbia’s National Vital Statistics, as listed in Version 2 of the Technical Annex to Resolution 5633, Smart CIO writing.

Following the registry’s decision to choose Thales, the company’s Managing Director for Andean countries, Jérôme Copin, comments: “Thales is one of the few companies to meet the new requirements of the second version of the technical annex of the resolution, and we are proud that Colombia’s National Civil Registry has approved Thales’ biometric solution to verify the identity of its citizens.

Resolution 5633 requires organizations using the public biometric database, their technology partners, and program operators to submit organizational credentials and, in the latter cases, show expertise or experience in biometrics have access to the national database. The regulations also stipulate security protocols based on the ISO 27001:2013 standard.

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