The Florida government is ready for digital ID. Are its inhabitants populist?



Florida pilots driver’s licenses and biometric digital ID cards. Test systems and operations, however, might be irrelevant.

After years of feeding residents a buffet of anti-tech, anti-big-brother, and anti-big government paranoia, the state of Florida and local politicians pushing for mobile driver’s licenses might want to test their vulnerabilities. safe parts. Triggered constituents could appear with more than forks and torches.

A Government Technology article indicates that the Florida Smart ID app could be ready for cellphones before the end of the year. A code or fingerprint will be required to access the application, and only dedicated scanners will be able to verify its legitimacy.

A recent law mandated the Florida Motor Vehicle Agency to create a state-compliant ID that can be presented to law enforcement officials and retailers as a legal document. As with most similar efforts, the phones would display a QR code or barcode.

French manufacturing conglomerate Thales Group handles identity management, according to Government Technology.

Anyone who ticks boxes for potential hot spots capable of derailing the program, checks the foreign – French – involvement.

Steven Purdy, a Thales marketing executive cited by the publication, addressed privacy concerns, which cannot be overstated in a red state like Florida.

“I would say the privacy angle is an important angle,” Purdy said.

The data shared during the display of the code will be controlled by the holder. Few organizations would need all the information, such as biometrics, that a traffic cop needs.

Lost devices, according to the state, can be reported to the auto dealership, seldom recognized as the easiest service to use, and the app will be wiped remotely and “almost instantly.”

The information published on the automobile agency’s website makes no mention of the security of personal data managed by the State or its agent, nor of transaction records.

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